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Brand visual strategy in an employer branding campaign – PR CRUSH case study
A coherent brand image requires a strategy based on strong pillars.
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How to reach the young generation Z (iGen) with visual communication to create a new image of a stereotypically perceived industry? A client who has been on the market for over 20 years has come to us with such a problem.

Client's problems – overview

The new project was supposed to be a social project, but also an employer branding one. So, both groups: the target audience and the client, and thus a given industry on the market, were to be winners here. How did we create a visual strategy for such a broad campaign? We started with rock-solid research, and then proceeded with our magic.

Client's problems – a coherent visual communication strategy for a new project

In order to create a coherent brand image, a strategy based on strong pillars was needed from the very start: the values and goals of the project itself. After thorough research of the client's needs and the industry, as well as the characteristics of the target group, we created a visual PR CRUSH universe.

The name PR CRUSH, which we proposed to the client, was supported by research at the level of SEO and trends among young people.

The next step was to create a logotype, i.e. not only the graphic sign of the project, but also the typography that was inseparably associated with it. From this stage, we moved on to building the graphic elements of the key visual itself, which we gradually developed along with the development of the project and cooperation with the client.

The main goal of the campaign was to break the spell of the industry, break stereotypes, and appeal to the tastes of young people, without losing the reliability of information and an important social goal of the campaign.

What we did?

What elements are included in the visual strategy of the brand:

The results:

Conclusion: we paved the way and reached the young generation in the PR industry

The PR CRUSH universe was created specifically for the needs of the client and the industry for which the issue of employer branding was significant. This is the first communication campaign that is so broad and directly addressed to the young generation, related to employment in the client's industry, on a given market.

Balancing a modern language and a graphic design aimed at the young generation, while maintaining the seriousness of a given industry and trying to disenchant it, required an empathetic approach to the subject. Thanks to the client's trust and the agency's in-depth research, we have created an original visual concept that combines all these needs.

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