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Conversions are the goal, but you need a perfect strategy first. Content strategy. That’s how we do it!
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You may be a software house with a really cool portfolio and craft innovative apps, yet the number of leads goes down over the months. It appears that some competitors are doing better, and you even know why. They produce content that gives value to the potential customers. So, you hire professionals to help you out with content marketing. Well, each success starts with a tailored-to-needs strategy. We knew that, so we forged one and executed it. It worked very well.

Client's problems - overview

One of the top software houses in Poland sought a way to become more visible in the digital landscape (especially in the EU and USA). At first glance, it seemed that producing quality content would be enough to achieve the goals. But we always start with a profound analysis of the problem. It quickly turned out that they required much more than just a few bundles of expert articles. Namely, a perfect content strategy and its execution.

Client's problems - UX writing & UI design

It began with a request to forge SEO-optimized expert articles. As always, we did a thorough research and performed in-depth audits to spot the flaws. The results were clear – the brand required a complete re-design of the website, in terms of the user’s journey, visuals, and texts. We collaborated closely with the client’s UX & UI design team to ensure the new architecture and content will become a straight road to boost the traffic, engage readers, and generate new leads.

We used our mastery in storytelling, SEO, and UX skills. Thanks to our expertise, the website is no longer obsolete-in-looks. It reflects that the company has a wide team of professionals, who really know how to make impactful web and mobile applications. We also implemented meticulously picked key phrases in over 30 expert articles. This resulted in significantly boosted traffic, and many content pieces emerged in the Google Discover. You think that’s all? No, we helped with crafting well-working content for social media campaigns.

What we did:

+ Crafted a brand-new content strategy to skyrocket the traffic and generate leads;

+ Forged an engaging and SEO-optimized content for over 70 web pages, 15 case studies, 30+ expert articles;

+ Translated the web pages to Polish – with keeping the localization in mind;

+ Created articles that landed in the Google Discover (we stay tuned to trends, literally);

+ Helped with generating nearly 100 new hot leads with our content each month.

mofd agency itcraft site old
What we encountered

mofd agency itcraft site new
What we did (new website)

The results:


+ The website effectively presents the mastery in creating web and mobile apps (from Product Design to Support);

+ We helped to boost the organic traffic from 5222 visitors per month to 9000+;

+ Our efforts skyrocketed the top 10 key phrases on the website – from 272 to 533;

+ Our tailored-to-needs content strategy and content execution generated nearly 100 leads per month.

mofd agency itcraft organic traffic
Our SEO results (organic traffic boost)

Content strategy is required for your brand's success

The “ad hoc” actions can bring your brand’s a taste of success, but it’s not going to work in a long-term. Look, if your brand is drowning in the digital ocean, you need the help of professionals. But what you need to know is that real mastery comes from experience – that’s why we always run a profound analysis of your problems. And we know that it all starts with a tailored-to-needs strategy. We’re not saying that you don’t have one. But if you require support to make your brand stand out in the crowd, it is highly possible that your strategy needs fine-tuning.

See, we could just go with writing several expert articles and collect the money. Although that’s not how we work. We want to understand your company’s mission and vision, get to know your target audience and use our master skills to get your digital presence back on the track (to success of course). There are plenty of factors to consider along that way. We think of them all.

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