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Brand strategy for a millenial & Z gen project – The Next Gen of PR 2022
Client needed to add a project to portfolio that would be addressed to the young gen and at the same time refresh the image of the prestigious association.
brand strategy, in-depth research, content marketing, graphic design, social media
This project was to be part of an international competition that already exists on the global market. It was therefore necessary to combine the old with the new, to link the new project with the existing one, but on its own creative terms. While at the same time distinguishing the project on the domestic market, where there is a large, direct competition.

Client's problems - overview

The most important aspect was a good understanding of the target group of the project – generation Y (millennials) and generation Z, which until now the client had not addressed directly in his communication.

Client's problems - UX writing & UI design

Starting from creating the name, through the entire project communication, visual language and style, copywriting, as well as building the project system at the level of its idea and organization. The help of our agency was also at the strategic and executive level of the project/brand. Importantly, it was the premiere edition of this project, so it was very critical for the client in terms of representation!

While working on visual communication, our main question was:

how to stand out in digital communication to catch the attention of the young generation and attract them to a previously unknown organization and an entirely new project on the market?

What we did? Brand strategy:

+ Proposed a clearly defined project name: THE NEXT GEN OF PR;

+ By thoroughly researching the target group and the needs of the organization, we created Key Visual and selected typography based on trends;

+ Combined visual communication with the characteristics of the project: we gave its spirit by referring to the leitmotif of the first edition of the project with colors – sustainable development;

+ Crafted a language of communication using the language of a given generation and...

+ ...presenting the most important aspects of the project in a catchy way;

+ Forged series of posts for social media, newsletters, banners, presentations, and all other necessary graphic materials, as well as press releases and more;

+ Proposed to bring the participants of the project to the foreground, so that the young people interested themselves would become the ambassadors of the new brand –  we conducted a photo session for the participants, whose photos we added in the KV of the campaign. You can see result of our work here.

The results:

+ In addition to the great interest and superb reception of the entire communication of the project, our work translated into a numerical effect. Namely, a massive number of applications for the first edition of the project (at the level of competing projects that have been on the market for many years);

+ We have been invited to implement the next edition of the project 😉

Conclusion: brand strategy delivers business and image goals

A thorough analysis of the target group, but also market competition, customer needs and challenges faced by the customer when implementing a new project to its portfolio, allowed us to create a communication ecosystem. A system, that was effective in delivering the business and image goals set by the client, and at the same time creative and fresh. The storytelling idea matched perfectly the vibe of the young generation, while accurately addressing the assumptions of the new project: it was important to clearly and clearly explain the principles of the project in social media communication.

By intertwining various forms of copy in the communication, addressed to the two main decision-making groups of the project, we achieved optimal saturation with information, and thanks to an interesting design idea, we managed to attract and maintain attention. This resulted in an excellent reception of the project on the market, which translated to outstanding results already in the first edition of applications and the development of the project for the following years.

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